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One Woman Shares Her Day Through Google Glass. It Seems Lovely, Until The Horrific End Comes!

We all watched some Google glass ad, and it all looks fabulous! but when one woman decides to share her day through it, it seems great at the beginning, but when the day is over, the worst of all happens. If you’re in an abusive situation, visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website or call at 800-799-7233.

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I remember on my 4th grade field trip my class was standing on a hill and my teacher said “lets roll out” and I was like oh ok so I stared rolling down the hill and I had to hold my teachers hand for the rest of the day

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A guy hung an offensive sign around his neck to make a solid point. And … it worked.

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African American Proverb: Black Parent Edition (via blackproverbs)

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Don’t let your white friends get you in trouble

SURVEY: I Need Your Opinions


Hey Ladies here’s the link to a survey I’m doing for the magazine catering to black girls idea. So please take its only two questions and re-blog for other black girls to see.

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